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Displacement-Sensor and Gauge-Probe Network
Hoskin Scientific
Solartron Metrology provides measurement solutions to Canadian businesses via Hoskin Scientific Ltd., but individual products are just the start: the manuf...

Air Knife Dryers
Exair LLC
EXAIR offers the latest generation of engineered air knives that dramatically reduce compressed air usage and noise. Air Knives are available in Aluminum, ...

Metric Bolts
Ken Forging
Ken Forging Inc. provides a wide variety of forged metric bolts. We have extensive experience forging eyebolts of many styles, sizes, and materials. We als...

Energy Product Testing Services
CSA Group
Energy product testing services from CSA Group can help your products live up to quality guidelines that are recognized internationally. Our certification ...

Stainless Steel Conveyors
Exair LLC
EXAIR’s compressed air operated Line Vacs are a fast, low-cost way to convey, plastic pellets, scrap trim, textiles, paper, small parts, shavings or ...

Precision Parts
L & M Precision Products Inc
L&M Precision Products Inc means high precision machine parts. It’s what we have been all about since 1962. Our specialized focus on top tier pre...