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Power Transmission Equipment
Motion Industries Canada
At Motion Industries Canada, we provide quality mechanical power transmission parts from leading global manufacturers. We have been committed to offering o...

Ken Forging
As the leading manufacturer in bolt and fastener forging, Ken Forging Inc. is dedicated to service and quality and we have been providing our cus...

Spade Drill Blades
Rotem Industrial Products Inc
We carry spade drill blades that will increase your productivity and save you money by extending the life of your tools. We only supply the best products a...

Expansion Joints
Centaxia Industrial Air Solutions
Centaxia Industrial Air Solutions Inc. offers the highest quality of expansion joints, all made in the United States. The following three types are availab...

Miniature Connectors
Harting Canada Inc
Hating Canada Inc. has the exact miniature property component that you require for any application, large or small. We offer one of the most extensive...

Electronic Gauges
Rotem Industrial Products Inc
We can supply a variety of electronic gauges including column gauges, LCD readouts, and more. Many of them offer the ability to collect and analyze measure...