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Oil & Water Analyzers
Arjay Engineering Ltd.
Arjay Engineering Ltd provides monitors, controls and alarms for analyzing oil and water in a variety of applications. They feature easy calibration, no mo...

Industrial Adhesives
Henkel Canada Corporation
Henkel Canada Corporation manufactures a broad range of industrial adhesives. Our selection includes adhesives of all types, from pressure sensitive tapes ...

Food Processing Equipment
Firing Industries Ltd
Firing Industries Ltd. will help you find the food processing equipment your business needs. With over 40-years’ experience consulting in the food in...

Lincoln Electric (Canada)
Lincoln Electric is a world leader in robotics for welding applications. Our selection includes a wide spectrum of robotic welding systems. We have a team ...

Century Machine Inc
A broad range of abrasives are available from Century Machine Inc. We supply both abrasive stones and cloth. Our products will help you achieve finer surfa...