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Time & Workforce Management Consultants
Kronos Canadian Systems Inc.
Kronos Canadian Systems Inc. offers a range of consultation services to assist with implementation and optimization of our time and workforce management so...

Static Neutralizing Equipment
Exair LLC
EXAIR’s offers a large line of compressed air powered static eliminators are engineered to remove static and help increase throughput! Since static charg...

					test chambers
Environmental Test Chambers
Hoskin Scientific
Hoskin Scientific Ltd. carries environmental test chambers by Cincinnati Sub-Zero, or CSZ, a veteran producer. CSZ test chambers help manufacturers with sa...

Tumbling & Burnishing Machines
Vibra Finish Limited
Vibra Finish Ltd. sells tumbling and burnishing machines that can wear away unnecessary material on any part, leaving your products with a clean, desirable...
Frasers Product
Ceramic Machining
Astro Met Inc
At Astro Met, Inc. our advanced ceramics manufacturing team works with a variety of ceramic materials. We’ve been manufacturing advanced ceramic mate...

Lacing Tape
Daburn Electronics & Cable and Polytron Devices
Daburn Electronics & Cable offers a large selection of lacing tape. Our high quality, lacing tape will not cut or damage insulation. We offer many diff...