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Spray Nozzles
John Brooks Company Limited
John Brooks Company Limited has been providing spraying, pumping & filtering equipment for over 75 years. We have spray nozzles from world renowned man...

Rubber Extrusions
Polymer Extrusions Inc.
Polymer Extrusions Inc can provide rubber extrusions in many varieties. We have a broad selection of raw materials and can create virtually any profile sha...

Cornell Welding & Fabricating Ltd.
Cornell Welding and Fabricating Ltd. manufactures small runs of fabricators that can meet your specific needs. We use quality aluminum and steel welding te...

Brand Felt of Canada Ltd.
The Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. provides neoprene and felt for weather stripping that will protect homes and indoor spaces from the elements for years to com...

					Drawer Locks
Drawer Locks
Capitol Industries Inc.
Capitol Industries Inc. is the supplier that Canadian businesses keep in mind when they are on the lookout for world-class locking solutions, all of them p...
Frasers Product
Plastic Moulders
M M Plastic (Mfg) Co Inc
Contact the expert plastic moulders at MM Plastic (Mfg) Co. Inc. for all your injection-moulding needs. We have been manufacturing high quality plastic pro...