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Machine Parts
L & M Precision Products Inc
At L & M Precision Products Inc., our main goal is customer satisfaction. We produce machine parts of top quality for use in a variety of markets acros...

Flexible Tubing
Johnston Industrial Plastics Limited
Flexible tubing is available in a variety of materials from Johnston Industrial Plastics. Some of the plastics we work with include vinyl, nylon, PTFE, and...

Deburring Systems Vibrators
Vibra Finish Limited
Deburring vibrators from Vibra Finish Ltd. can help you eliminate excess material on your products that could cause harmful when introduced to other compon...

Gear Pumps
York Fluid Controls Ltd
We supply a variety of gear pumps ranging from compact models up to extreme duty pumps suitable for the most demanding applications. They are rated for tem...

Variable Speed Belts
Jason Industrial (Canada) Ltd.
We make variable speed belts that offer unprecedented control and range. Our belts are designed to shift between speeds quickly and effectively while still...

Brushless 48V DC Gearmotor with 1024 CPR Integral Optical Feedback Encoder
Midwest Motion Products, Inc.
Midwest Motion Products, Inc.: The Leaders in Rapid Prototyping of High-Quality Motion-Control Solutions Description: Brushless 48V DC gearmotor with 1024 ...