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Car, Barge & Ship Unloaders
Pneuveyor Systems International Ltd.
Car, barge, and ship unloaders of many types are available from Pneuveyor Systems International Ltd. Our capabilities for custom design, engineering, manuf...

Brushed 36V DC Gearmotor Capable of Producing up to 28 In-lbs of Continuous Torque
Midwest Motion Products, Inc.
Midwest Motion Products, Inc.: The Leaders in Rapid Prototyping of High-Quality Motion-Control Solutions Model number: MMP D33-455F-36V GP81-007 Descript...

					Magnetic Cam Locks
Magnetic Cam Locks
Capitol Industries Inc.
Capitol Industries Inc. remains the premier source of innovative industrial locking solutions in the Canadian market and elsewhere. Two of the reasons for ...

Operated Solenoid Valves
Process Instruments and Components Inc
Solenoid operated valves are available from experienced Canadian distributor Process Instruments and Components Inc. We have been serving a variety of indu...

					Ionizers image
Exair LLC
When static is a problem on moving webs, sheet stock, three dimensional parts, extrusions or packaging, EXAIR has a solution. Our large line of compressed ...

McRae Engineering Equipment Limited
Actuators of many types are available from McRae Engineering Equipment Limited. We supply both pneumatic and electric actuators of top quality, and our exp...