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Industrial Fans and Blowers
Centaxia Industrial Air Solutions
Centaxia offers five categories of industrial fans: Axial fans. Tubeaxial, sider propeller, mixed-flow, vane axial, propeller, and rooftop fans. Centrifuga...

MagneLink Inc
At MagneLink Inc., we manufacture a comprehensive line of switches that use reed or hall devices in custom or standard housings. Because they are magnetica...

Packaging Equipment
Advance Shipping Supplies Inc/ A Div. Of Imperial Dade Canada Inc.
From automated stretch wrappers and pedal-operated strapping machines to hand tools, we have the equipment needed to make your packaging process as efficie...

Lid Supports
Sugatsune Canada Inc
Sugatsune Canada, Inc. lid supports are available for different types of opening. This article focuses on top and upward opening lid stays with unique feat...