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Bulk Handling Equipment
Firing Industries Ltd
Firing Industries Ltd. is your expert in managing bulk handling equipment. We have over 40-years’ experience working with the chemical, pharmaceutica...

					Humidity Instruments
Humidity Instruments
Chevrier Instruments Inc.
At Chevrier Instruments, we supply humidity instruments from a variety of manufacturers, from humidity calibrators to data loggers and transmitters. Some o...

Conveyor Clutches
Norpak Handling Limited
Norpak Handling Limited can offer a wide variety of conveyor parts including clutches. The clutches we supply are used for applications such as zone accumu...

Dust Collector Equipment
N.R. Murphy Limited
Since 1943 N.R. Murphy Ltd. has experience in custom manufacturing dust collector equipment. We pride ourselves on quality equipment which stands the test ...

Microregulator Valves
ODE Valve Canada
The breadth of valves, pumps, and similar products we carry at ODE Valve Canada is extremely diverse. One item that has recently become important is our li...

Silicone Systems
Master Bond
MasterSil® is Master Bond Inc.’s line of silicone systems. These elastomeric systems combine flexibility with resistance to high temperatures. W...