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Machine Screws
L & M Precision Products Inc
We use a large array of top-of-the-line screw machines to produce parts, assemblies, and devices with a high level of precision. In addition, these machine...

Capitol Industries Inc.
We offer the broadest variety of locking products at Capitol Industries Inc. The diverse lineup is dominated by cam locks, but many other types of specialt...

Vibratory Finishing Equipment
Vibra Finish Limited
Our vibratory finishing equipment ensures your components retain a smooth, stable surface, no matter your part’s size. Worried about whether finishin...

Flat Cable Connectors
Harting Canada Inc
Harting Canada Inc is a leading provider of flat cable and cable assemblies. Allow us to take care of your flat cable needs in a wide range of applications...

Pressure Measurement & Control Testing Equipment
Durham Instruments
Durham Instruments sells pressure measurement and control testing equipment that can help you accurately determine a range of pressure-based environmental ...

Rivetless Chain
Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.
Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. can supply drop forged rivetless chain. This chain is used in a variety of industries for trolleys, scraper flights, assembly convey...