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					keying kits
Keying Kits
Capitol Industries Inc.
While we offer an unsurpassed portfolio of locks at Capitol Industries Inc. – about 80 per cent of which consists of variations of cam locks – our line...

Product Coding Marking Devices
Sprinter Marking Inc.
Product coding marking devices are available from Sprinter Marking Inc. We believe our code-marking machines can meet customer requirements more effectivel...

Shoe Felt
Brand Felt of Canada Ltd.
To thrive in the footwear industry, manufacturers must make shoes that outperform, outlast and outshine the competition. It is crucial not only to get qual...

Over-running Clutches
Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.
Overrunning cam clutches are available from Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. These clutches will spin freely until being called upon to lock up and drive. They are t...