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Custom Metal Fabricators
Alps Welding Ltd
We are a custom metal fabricator and we have experience producing a wide variety of equipment. We have made everything from 200-foot-tall stacks to modular...

Signal Conditioning Equipment
Durham Instruments
We sell conditioning equipment that can help you send all the right signals. As an experienced distributor, Durham Instruments offers products from only th...

Covered Cable Carriers
Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.
Tsubaki can supply a range of KabelSchlepp brand covered tube style cable carriers. These flexible carrier systems can support cables and hoses that supply...

Vibratory Separators
Vibra Finish Limited
Vibratory separators from Vibra Finish Ltd. can sort through unwanted materials, leaving your newly finished parts pristine. Finishing procedures often req...

Silicon Bronze Bolts
Advance Fasteners Ltd
A comprehensive selection of bolts is available from Advance Fasteners Ltd. We can supply bolts in a variety of materials, from mild steel to 18-8 stainles...

Position, Rotary Transducers
Durham Instruments
Durham Instruments can supply a variety of rotary position transducers. Our selection includes several types of transducer technologies including Hall effe...