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Delrin Sheets
Johnston Industrial Plastics Limited
The oldest Canadian distributor of plastics shapes, Johnston Industrial Plastics continues to distribute top-quality plastic shapes including delrin sheets...

					Magnetic-Catches 300 x150 Thumbnail
Magnetic Catches
Sugatsune Canada Inc
Sugatsune Canada, Inc. offers a wide variety of magnetic catches for residential, commercial, and especially industrial applications. MC-YN0001P: Magnetic ...

Deburring – Custom
Vibra Finish Limited
Custom deburring from Vibra Finish Ltd. can help give your parts a smooth and consistent finish. When it comes to finishing parts, there’s no one-siz...

Mechanical Felt
Brand Felt of Canada Ltd.
A wide variety of mechanical felt is available from The Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. We have manufactured top-quality S.A.E. industrial felt since 1959, offer...