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					Calibration services
Calibration Services
Chevrier Instruments Inc.
In addition to a wide range of products, we offer calibration services at Chevrier Instruments. Some products require verification and calibration to adjus...

Alps Welding Ltd
We design and manufacture stacks for your specific need and application. In industrial work, the wrong stack can be structurally unsound, suffering from co...

Instant Adhesives
Henkel Canada Corporation
Henkel Canada Corporation can provide a wide variety of instant adhesives. Whether you require a bonding solution with flexibility, temperature resistance,...

Printing Rollers
Gelderland Ltd.
Printing rollers of many types, materials, and sizes are available from this trusted manufacturer. We offer custom manufacturing services, as well as resto...

Sems Screws
Advance Fasteners Ltd
Sems screws are available from Advance Fasteners Ltd. Our selection includes both internal and external sems screw types. Also available are lockwasher sem...

Chain Couplings
Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.
Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. can supply flexible roller chain couplings. These couplings consist of a double strand roller chain and two sprockets. They offer to...