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Welding Apparatus
Lincoln Electric (Canada)
Lincoln Electric can supply a wide range of welding apparatus. Our product offering includes all types of welders, wire feeders, guns, torches, consumables...

The Ohio Broach & Machine Co.
Broaching is an accurate and efficient method for producing metal parts of many shapes. To achieve the best results, a high quality and properly sharpened ...

Cable Assemblies
Lapp Canada Inc
Lapp Canada Inc. can provide cable assemblies to meet any requirement. We offer a variety of motor and drive assemblies, and we have a team of experienced ...

					Cam-Locks - Tumbnail - 300 x 150
Cam Locks
Sugatsune Canada Inc
Sugatsune Canada Inc. offers a wide variety of cabinet locks and cam locks that are ideal for industrial applications; additionally, they may also be used ...