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EP&T chats with Melissa Chee, CEO of @ventureLABca about the recent HardTech conference in Markham, which put content focus on hardware and semiconductor innovation. https://bit.ly/3E7u7P3

J-Squared Technologies Inc. has entered a strategic partnership with Blaize, enabling the distribution of the firm’s Graph Streaming Processor (GSP) architecture hardware and software technologies. @blaizeinc @JSquaredTechInc https://bit.ly/3X1PXfz

Japan is investing almost half a billion dollars to beef up #semiconductor development and production in a ‘last chance’ attempt to keep its position as a major player on the global technology stage. https://bit.ly/3TEYqmb

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Chemical Coolants
Rotem Industrial Products Inc
We provide chemical coolants for use in a wide variety of machining applications. From formulas that are designed to extend the life of your tools to those...
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Grease Fittings
Advance Fasteners Ltd
Advance Fasteners Ltd. can provide industrial fasteners, hardware, and supplies of all types. From nuts and bolts to grease fittings, wire rope, and cuttin...
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Threaded Bushings
Collison-Goll Ltd
We can make threaded bushings that are custom designed to meet your needs. Our machined products are cut from bar stock and are available in both ferrous a...
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Tapping Screws
Advance Fasteners Ltd
Tapping screws are available from Advance Fasteners Ltd. Our selection includes a variety of head types such as pan head, flat head, oval head, truss head,...

Quick Release Pins
Advance Fasteners Ltd
Advance Fasteners Ltd. can supply a range of special pins, such as quick release safety pins, built to customers’ specifications. Quick release safet...

Signal Converters
Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd.
Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. is the perfect source for signal converters. We offer an extensive product selection that includes a range of converters, isola...