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Nordic Semi to explore partnership with AmberSemi

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Multi-track partnership to target a range of markets with a breadth of semiconductor application solutions

Nordic Semiconductor and Amber Semiconductor, Inc. have entered a multi-faceted partnership to explore sales, marketing, and development initiatives to bring new solutions to markets, such as smart products, and other wirelessly integrated applications.

The initiatives anchor on the partners offering Nordic technology platforms powered by Amber Semiconductor’s products, as well as developing unique reference designs for targeted customer segments. In addition, as the partnership matures, deeper development opportunities may be targeted as key customer requirements and opportunities are identified, refined, and addressed.

“We are pleased to partner with AmberSemi on exploring productization and market opportunities around its breakthrough ac to dc conversion products and our semiconductor solutions,” said Geir Kjosavik – director for power management ICs with Nordic Semiconductor. “As Nordic is expanding into wireless IoT markets that require AC power, we find AmberSemi’s compact power solutions an ideal complement to our own power management solutions for battery powered products. We feel that together, with AmberSemi, we can bring new transformative and very competitive semiconductor solutions to our current and new customers,” he concluded.


“We are very excited by our partnership with such a great, forward-leaning partner as Nordic,” said Thar Casey, CEO at AmberSemi. “As we enter the commercialization phase for our silicon products, this partnership with Nordic represents a significant inflection point and accelerator towards adoption of truly compelling and unique semiconductor solutions in the market.”

AmberSemi discovered a way the physics of electricity is managed differently – digitally – in silicon chips. The company’s mission is to transform electrical product power management architecture globally from

outdated, 1950’s-era electro-mechanical power technologies, standard today in every electrical product, to smaller, safer, and smarter silicon chips.


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