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BrainChip partners with AI Labs

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Firms collaborate on next-gen application development

BrainChip Holdings Ltd. , a commercial producer of ultra-low power, fully digital, event-based, neuromorphic AI IP, has partnered with AI Labs Inc. to collaborate on next-generation application development leveraging the Minsky AI Engine.

A combination of the Minsky AI Engine, smart models, and the sensory inference capabilities of BrainChip’s Akida provides a cost-effective solution to problems associated with system health monitoring, which is a critical use case in industrial efficiency and productivity. As machines and processes get more complex, the ability to detect anomalies, identify challenges, predict impacts and offer solutions becomes increasingly difficult.

Source: BrainChip

“Minsky is an easy-to-use, proprietary, enterprise-grade AI engine that does not require data scientists or software developers to model and run predictions,” said Bhasker Rao, founder of Ai Labs. “When optimized for BrainChip’s neuromorphic IP platform, the resulting solution will fuel rapid growth in the industrial AIoT space.

The firms merger aims to radically improve development and deployment of predictive maintenance applications, such as vibration analysis, gas sensing, temperature sensing and others, preventing costly potential failures and reducing machine downtime. The goal is to streamline processes and increases industrial efficiency and profitability.


Technological advancements in industrial infrastructure

Akida’s on-device learning capability provides a differentiated and secure approach to intelligent customization, according to Rob Telson, VP of ecosystems and partnerships at BrainChip.

“Technological advancements in industrial infrastructure such as oil exploration, manufacturing, mining, transportation to mention a few, have enabled some amazing features that make for a better customer experience, but they also have created additional points of failure that can be difficult to assess,” said Telson. “Using this combination, we are providing a way to intelligently identify points of failure, predict issues and proactively fix them before they happen. This intelligence is a game changer, and we are proud to partner with AI Labs to bring this revolutionary technology to market.”



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