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Counterfeiting widespread in wire & cable industry

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Authentic Vision highlights risks at IWCS industry forum

Authentic Vision, a mobile authentication technology company, recently joined the IWCS’s annual Cable and Connectivity Industry Forum to speak about the importance of an adaptive brand protection strategy during a time of widespread counterfeiting in the cable and wire industry.

“It’s important that we leverage technology to protect customers from the risks of counterfeit cables, which can endanger customer’s health, damage personal property, and even cause fatal injury,” said Donna Policz, the sales director at Authentic Vision who gave the presentation at the forum. “Counterfeiting has been and remains a major issue for brands and companies. Businesses need to implement an adaptive strategy to protect their brand and, more importantly, their customers. An adaptive strategy will help mitigate risk, ensure responsibility, and protect reputation.”

Source: Authentic Vision

Counterfeit products cause more than $2 trillion USD in damage each year, according to the Transnational Alliance to Combat Illicit Trade, and endangers millions of jobs across industries. Over the years, counterfeits have become more sophisticated and can emulate products that are so similar to the genuine product, they are indistinguishable from the original. Most counterfeits in circulation today are professionally produced and can be brought to market in a matter of days. Organizations are starting to appreciate their competitive marketplace now also includes the illicit producers, not just their traditional brand competitors.

Authentic Vision’s presentation at the forum focused on brand protection solutions and anti-counterfeiting measures as they apply to the cable and wire industry. The presentation showcased Authentic Vision’s Meta Anchor, a copy-proof holographic fingerprint label that can be read on every smartphone. When users scan the label, they immediately know if the product is authentic, and the company receives precise geolocation and other data on fake and diverted products.




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