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NeuroCatch receives Health Canada medical device license

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Platform can be used in various health, brain, neurological conditions

NeuroCatch Inc., a Surrey BC-based subsidiary of HealthTech Connex, announces that the latest version of the firm’s brain function assessment system has received a Health Canada medical device license. The previous generation had already received approval in 2019 and is currently being used in a number of clinical research studies throughout North America.

NeuroCatch is a medical device that offers an evaluation of cognitive brain function in minutes at the point of care. The technology is used across Canada and the USA to evaluate concussions, brain injuries, neurological diseases, mental health issues and brain optimization.

HealthTech Connex’s NeuroCatch Platform 2.0 brain function assessment technology receives Health Canada medical device license. (CNW Group/HealthTech Connex Inc.)

“We’re incredibly proud that Health Canada has quickly provided our latest medical device approval for the next generation of NeuroCatch,” said Dr. Ryan D’Arcy, HealthTech Connex president and chief scientific officer. “As a leading R&D company in neurotechnology, we are committed to the highest possible quality through pioneering scientific breakthroughs. The capabilities embedded within this next generation NeuroCatch represents a major leap forward, offering healthcare practitioners and researchers even greater evidence-based evaluation capabilities to quickly and accurately provide an objective measurement of cognitive function, which is delivered in minutes at the point of care.”

NeuroCatch consists of brainwave (electro-encephalography or EEG) sensors embedded in a mesh cap, which interfaces with a custom hardware/software platform to deliver standardized medical-grade results. Qualified healthcare professionals and researchers can reportedly use the NeuroCatch Platform at any point of care in healthcare settings including clinics, labs, hospitals, sporting venues, schools, military theatres, and remote deployments.





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