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Keysight unveils simulation software for RF, microwave designs

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PathWave Advanced Design System 2023 addresses increasing design complexity

Keysight Technologies Inc., a global test & measurement company, has introduced its PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) 2023, an integrated design and simulation software that rapidly addresses increasing design complexity and higher frequencies in the radio frequency (RF) and microwave industry.

The PathWave ADS 2023 includes enhancements to electromagnetic (EM) simulation for circuit designers. It also streamlines integration of multi-technology circuit assembly and simulation into enterprise electronic design automation (EDA) design workflows. The simulation software enables RF and microwave product development teams to easily address signal complexity, design densification, multi-technology integration and frequencies moving to 60GHz and beyond. As a result, customers can shorten time-to-market, improve engineering team productivity and deliver competitive design wins.

PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) 2023. Source: Keysight Technologies

“This product directly addresses the needs of customers developing multi-technology high speed, high-frequency designs,” said Joe Civello, director of RF and microwave simulation at Keysight. “This new solution offers workflow and simulation performance improvements that accelerate the design and simulation process while delivering the analysis results necessary to ensure designs meet critical electrical and thermal performance requirements.”



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