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Amber Solutions alters name to Amber Semiconductor Inc.

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Leading innovator of ac direct digital management of electricity in silicon chips

Amber Solutions Inc., a technological developer of patented, innovative technologies for ac direct digital management of electricity in solid-state architecture, has formally changed its name to Amber Semiconductor, Inc. (AmberSemi).

The change exemplifies the firm’s desire to represent its core technological function more acutely and accurately: productizing its patented breakthrough technologies for ac direct digital control of electricity into silicon chips, according to a company release. This disruptive breakthrough enables major semiconductor and electrical products companies to transform the building electrical grid and upgrade electrical products on a global scale.

Source: Amber Semiconductor Inc.

Formally changing the company name to Amber Semiconductor, Inc. aligns with the company’s business objectives for 2022 and beyond, including forthcoming partnership engagements and strategic alignments with some of the most significant manufacturers of semiconductor solutions and electrical products globally. In working with these partners, AmberSemi will provide its core technologies, including digitization of electricity for breakthrough power delivery (AC Direct DC Enabler), power control and protection (AC Direct Indestructible Switch Controller) and Realtime and continuous sensing of the state or variance of ac mains electricity (AC Direct Sensing) via solid-state, silicon chips.

“Considering the tremendous breakthroughs we have discovered in digital power management and sensing in silicon chip architecture, changing our name reflects our true nature as a fabless semiconductor technology provider and represents the direction we’re heading as a company,” said Thar Casey, company founder and CEO. “The electrical endpoints of every building in the world are important and yet are based on old tech architectures ripe for upgrading with modern digital innovations, and the most effective way to achieve this is with a silicon chip, which we’ll be introducing to the market in the coming quarters. We hold the cards to globalization of intelligent digital management of electricity in silicon chips, which has the potential to transform building intelligence and the very nature of electricity in our world as we know it.”


AmberSemi is currently working with a who’s who list of electrical products and semiconductor companies across the world. While most of these alliances are under NDA, Infineon Technologies has publicly announced support for AmberSemi’s efforts.

Thar Casey, founder and CEO of AmberSemi. Source: Amber Solutions Inc.




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