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Ynvisible expands its license deal with RISE

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Exclusive rights to key patents in printed electrochromic devices, displays

Ynvisible Interactive Inc.  a Vancouver-based printed e-paper display company, announced the expansion of its license from the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), a leading research institute in the field of printed electronics. The amended license agreement includes exclusive worldwide rights to key patent families around printed electrochromic devices and displays. The exclusive license strengthens Ynvisible’s market position as a leading provider of printed e-paper display products.

With more than two decades of pioneering research in printed electrochromic technologies, RISE holds strong patents and know-how in printed display technologies. Combined with Ynvisible’s capabilities and assets in e-paper display product design, printed electronics manufacturing, and strategic investments in printed e-paper product commercialization, both groups see great potential for display products in their target markets, according to Ramin Heydarpour, Ynvisible’s CEO.

A sample electrochromic flexible display component developed by Vancouver-based Ynvisible.

“We now establish an exclusive position in relation to key RISE technologies proven in our production and positively tested in our target markets. We will also expand our collaboration with RISE to accelerate the development of our new product offering,” Heydarpour says.

Ynvisible first announced a non-exclusive license agreement with RISE in June 2020. The deal was designed to complement and further expand Ynvisible’s product offering and build its position as a leading commercial supplier of low-power, high volume producible printed electrochromic (EC) display solutions. In 2021 the Company carried out a technology transfer process from RISE and Printed Electronics Arena (PEA) research facilities to Ynvisible’s production facilities in Portugal and Sweden.


With proof of scalable industrial production and positive client responses to the technology, in 2021, Ynvisible began developing a printed e-paper display product offering based on the RISE technology. On March 2, 2022, the Company announced the release of the lowest energy-consuming printed e-paper display on the market.

“The field of organic electronics has evolved over the years, from the early concepts of paper displays and all-green electronic and iontronic components,” says Duncan Platt, unit manager at RISE Printed Electronics. “Electrochromics is one of the key technologies, and we believe Ynvisible is well-positioned to take this technology to market.”


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