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Miovision expands its Core hardware platform

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SmartView capabilities to include vehicle detection up to 500 feet from the intersection

Miovision continues down the road of expanding its smart city infrastructure capabilities by launching a powerful new hardware platform to help cities and towns modernize their traffic signals. Miovision Core – the recently announced product extension leverages flexibility by adding the firm’s SmartView Approach to Miovision Core to provide state-of-the-art advance detection.

Advance detection allows traffic signals to anticipate traffic approaching the intersection. This is particularly useful at higher speeds, where detecting traffic anywhere from 200 to 500 feet (60-150 metres) before the intersection offers meaningful advantages. For example, in light traffic, advance detection can allow traffic lights to provide oncoming drivers with a green signal as they reach the intersection, minimizing unnecessary stops where possible. These detectors also provide useful measurements to traffic engineers to help them understand how well an intersection is responding to the traffic around it.

Miovision Core is a powerful new hardware platform to support the next generation of software solutions at the intersection from Miovision and its growing list of best-in-class partners.

Adding this new capability meant refining Miovision’s machine vision algorithm used on Miovision Core DCM to be capable of analyzing video from both our existing intersection camera (Miovision SmartView 360) and up to four new Miovision SmartView Approach cameras.

“Advance detection is something we know customers want, especially for busy arterial intersections,” said Miovision president Steve Strout. “Our platform’s power and flexibility made it simple for us to add this solution. More importantly, our customers can include advance detection when they modernize their signals with Miovision Core, or later, as their needs evolve. I’m excited about the power of the Miovision Core platform and the new features we have planned.”



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