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Evonik sells specialty materials for printable rechargeable batteries

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InnovationLab aims to further commercialize technology with materials that enable thin and flexible energy storage devices

German-based specialty chemicals company Evonik Industries AG is selling its TAeTTOOz materials technology for printable rechargeable batteries to the InnovationLab GmbH, specialists in the development of printed and organic electronics and providers of individual overall solutions from the first concept draft to the industrial production.

Creavis, as the strategic innovation unit and business incubator of Evonik, has developed the TAeTTOOz technology. In the future, however, Creavis will focus stronger on concepts for resource-conserving and sustainable production, as well as high-growth solutions that enable industries to become independent of fossil raw materials.

Source: Evonik Industries AG

Redox polymers form the basis of the printable rechargeable batteries. The new materials can be processed into very thin, flexible battery cells using common printing processes. In the process, they allow developers a high degree of design freedom. In addition, battery cells manufactured with TAeTTOOz technology do not contain liquid electrolytes and therefore cannot leak.

Commercialize the technology independently

The company has previously cooperated with InnovationLab to develop new applications for materials technology.


“The technology enables more efficient supply chains and innovative wearable devices for medical diagnostics,” says Dr. Michael Kröger, managing director at InnovationLab. “We are very confident that we will successfully commercialize the technology independently at InnovationLab.”

Technology has great potential

Dr. Michael Korell, responsible for the development of TAeTTOOz at Evonik added, “The technology has great potential that can be utilized in the best possible way under the leadership of InnovationLab, which focuses on printed and organic electronics.”

The TAeTTOOz technology offers new possibilities for the increasing networking of everyday objects, especially the Internet of Things. When it is ready for commercial production, it can be used in the medical field for more convenient monitoring of vital functions. In addition, sensors with printed batteries can be used in the field of logistics to monitor sensitive goods.



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