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Project from Molex and Mouser delivers in-depth articles

Mouser Electronics Inc. recently announces a new eBook in collaboration with Molex, exploring the newest solutions and applications at the intersection of connectivity and medical device design. In Improving Lives with Digital Healthcare, leading experts from Molex and Mouser offer in-depth articles examining the next generation of digital healthcare solutions, including robotic surgery, medical wearables, brain-computer interfaces, and medical training with immersive technologies.

Today’s medical devices bring together a diverse range of sensors, connectivity solutions, and cable assemblies to deliver key advances in diagnostic, monitoring, and therapeutic treatments. Improving Lives with Digital Healthcare, the new eBook from Mouser and Molex, helps to untangle the complexities of digital healthcare, offering usable resources for designing new devices.

Source: Mouser Electronics

The eBook features an article on emerging connectivity solutions for robotic surgery, including the use of optical fiber technology to support laser therapy. The eBook also examines the growing field of brain-computer interface applications, in which artificial intelligence and sensor hubs could one day lead to “superhuman” cognition.

Improving Lives with Digital Healthcare features product information for 15 Molex devices, connecting readers directly to the tools needed for next-generation medical applications.


The Molex ISM standalone antennas provide an antenna volume reduction of up to 75% compared with conventional designs, as well as dual-band operation at 868 MHz and 915 MHz. The compact antennas can be easily integrated into telehealth devices, microwave ablation machines, diathermy therapeutic devices, and more. The 0.25 mm-pitch Premo-Flex jumpers deliver durable, ultra-flexible solutions for PCB connections in patient monitoring, telehealth, and surgical equipment. The compact jumpers feature a maximum current of 0.2 A and are suitable for tight packaging applications.

To read the new e-book, go to https://www.mouser.com/news/molex-improving-lives-with-digital-healthcare/molex-improving-lives-with-digital-healthcare.html.



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