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NZ Technologies, Dupar Controls collaborate on manufacturing

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HoverTap technology delivers hands-free, nonessential touchpoints in an elevator environment

NZ Technologies Inc., Vancouver, has entered into a manufacturing collaboration agreement with Dupar Controls, designers and manufacturers of elevator control systems and push-button technology.

NZ Technologies will provide the core hardware and Dupar Controls will market the products to its customer base. The HoverTap technology aims to change how people interact within an elevator environment, giving them the ability to be hands-free and reduce nonessential touchpoints, providing the safety and smart technology shift the industry demands. The inspiration behind HoverTap was based on the patented TIPSO AirPad, one of NZ Technologies’ flagship products developed to enable surgeons to touchlessly interact with equipment in the operation room during surgery.

HoverTap is directly connect, in parallel, to the existing elevator buttons. Both HoverTap and the existing buttons can be used at the same time with zero interference. HoverTap operates at low voltages – it is safety-certified and read to operate off existing elevator power supplies.Source: NZ Technologies Inc.

According to NZ, the COVID-19 pandemic is shaping a new consciousness regarding public safety and exposure to high-touch surfaces. This has accelerated the demand for touchless interfaces. The HoverTap Lift has been installed by early users, the public and the industry, including in Ronald McDonald House in Vancouver. The City of Richmond has also installed the HoverTap suite in their elevator, in complete alignment with the Richmond City Council’s vision of creating a safer environment for employees and the public.

“The HoverTap technology has expanded its offering to promote safety and peace of mind to the general public by reducing the number of physical touchpoints in public spaces, such as elevator buttons, to decrease the risk of infectious diseases,” says Dr. Nima Ziraknejad, Founder and CEO of NZ Technologies. “We are excited about this great opportunity to collaborate with Dupar Controls and build the market-ready HoverTap Lift. We believe this innovation will emerge as the new elevator standard in the era of advancing smart technologies for common use.”




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