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EYEQ sets the bar for automatic image editing

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Perfectly Clear AI automates professional quality photo editing

EyeQ Imaging Inc., a Calgary-based leader in intelligence image correction, launched Perfectly Clear AI to its automatic image enhancement suite this month. Perfectly Clear AI uses a powerful balance of four technologies including; AI Image enhancement, AI Preset Selection, AI Skin Tone Accuracy and real science backed by results. These technologies and the synergistic effect produce stunning image quality that enhances photos immediately – in both real time and post processing with professional grade editing capabilities.

Growth of photo editing apps

This technology allows businesses to achieve precisely edited photos instantly, regardless of the original image quality. Rise Above Research predicted that more than 1.4 trillion images would be taken around the world in 2021 alone due to the pandemic. As a result, there has been a significant rise in photo book and print orders, labor shortages, escalating costs and the continued growth of photo editing apps. Perfectly Clear AI enables businesses to use this technology to produce in-house professional grade images for all of their business needs, saving on time and costs.

“Our technology is already automatically enhancing more than 51 billion images every year for some of the largest printers, cruise lines and phone OEM’s companies in the world,” says Brad Malcolm, EyeQ’s co-founder and CEO. “In a blind test comparing classic Perfectly Clear to Perfectly Clear AI, the AI correction was preferred 76 per cent of the time. What differentiates EyeQ is our passion for continued innovation to push the boundaries of what is possible and the result is patented science that mimics the physics principles of light, always sticking to our Real Color Photography promise since 2001. Our new AI Skin Tone Accuracy captures the full range of skin tones automatically.”


2.0, pixel-by-pixel correction

Jeff Stephens, co-founder and CTO at EyeQ, notes how machine learning allows new automated solutions that all businesses can implement anywhere, any way. Perfectly Clear AI marries the past 20 years of experience and analysis of billions of images with cutting edge artificial intelligence to robustly deliver the best image possible, automatically.

A combination of AI-driven scene recognition 2.0, pixel-by-pixel correction, AI enhancement created by professional photo edits ensure accuracy, versatility and optional customization,” explains Stephens.

“Our correction automatically and instantly applies the same types of adjustments that professional retouchers and editors would tediously do manually. The result is clear and crisp images with fabulous faces in any lighting, vivid vibrancy of all colors including brilliant blue skies and fantastic foliage, all while recovering the details in highlights and ensuring correct colors with no tint. All this in a solution that can be embedded in IOT devices, run on servers, or deployed in desktop or mobile applications,” notes Stephens.



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