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AI app to accelerate wearable technology into healthcare

Treatment.com integrates AI engine with personalized medical history, demographic information

July 12, 2021  By GlobeNewswire

Treatment.com International Inc., Vancouver, has developed a sophisticated AI engine to help consumers assess symptoms based on their unique health profile and take the necessary next steps. The Treatment AI engine will integrate personalized medical history and demographic information that impacts the likelihood of conditions, and provides recommendations to prevent illness. In order to create the most comprehensive picture of every individual, Treatment is now developing new technology that integrates personal wearable health data.

When evaluating the consumer and healthcare landscape, the growing penetration of wearable health data and health tracking apps created an opportunity to gather real-time, accurate and rich data. The Treatment AI system is now evolving to integrate the most robust picture of your health, thanks to integrating data from other health tools like Apple Watch, Fitbit, Apple Health Kit and Google Health.

“We spent a lot of time researching how consumers are thinking about their health and using technology to track many health metrics like exercise, calories, heart rate, weight, sleep, menstruation cycles, etc. All of this rich data is being captured in silos with no deeper analysis as to how it may impact your health. We see the future of our technology as being the most comprehensive view of your health, with the ability to show trends and make personalized recommendations that help consumers make better health decisions, and ultimately prevent illness in the long run,” says John Fraser, CEO of Treatment.


The first product that Treatment will launch is a consumer mobile app: Cara, your AI health assistant. The Cara app is being developed to synthesize this wearable data to provide better healthcare recommendations, along with real-time analysis, benchmarking and understanding of each consumer’s holistic health picture. To develop a clear picture of all of this data and a seamless user experience, Treatment has enlisted the help of world class design agency, Card79.

Treatment will be launching the Cara consumer mobile app this fall.

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