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Ynvisible & SpotSee collaborate on temperature indication solution

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Smart label electrochromic display serves as customizable time/temperature indicator

Vancouver-based Ynvisible Interactive Inc. recently conducted its first commercial delivery of a new temperature indication solution to market with SpotSee, a global leader in shock, vibration and temperature monitoring through low-cost, connected solutions.

Working with SpotSee, Ynvisible tailored a low power, branded, calibrated temperature indication label for cold-chain and temperature-controlled shipment and storage of goods such as blood bags, premium foods, biomaterials, and medicines. Ynvisible manufactures the electrochromic display in high volumes and delivers the display driving protocol, while supporting the integration of the display in the final smart-label. Ynvisible’s displays allow users to view the indication with the unaided eye.

“With the TempSafe Electrocard, we now expand our solutions offering with a temperature measuring electronic smart-label, a fully customizable time/temperature indicator solution, that can achieve sub-zero temperatures, as well as visually indicate Above and Below thresholds with Ynvisible´s electrochromic displays,” says Tony Fonk, CEO SpotSee.


“Ynvisible’s design, prototyping, printed electronics production, and technology transfer services make speed to market easy for our customers,” continues Tommy Hoglund, VP sales and marketing Ynvisible.

“We are honored to work with the industry experts to design, produce, and market a smart label solution incorporating ynvisible printed electrochromic displays. TempSafe Electrocard are the first temperature indicators in market to incorporate Ynvisible’s low-power, printed electrochromic display,” says Michael Robinson, CEO Ynvisible.

“Ynvisible is now increasingly focused on the smart-label markets. We have proven our ability to produce hundreds of thousands of electrochromic displays in roll-to-roll format. This format makes it easy for scalable integration into smart labels. We can print in several tens of millions of units per year. Our customers’ solutions will benefit from our electrochromic display know-how and production capacity.” Mr. Robinson continues.

SpotSee and Ynvisible are also collaborating on next generation capabilities for temperature sensing and indication in smart labels. Both firms are partners in the project CHARISMA funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions programme, promoting the concept of applied chemical irreversibility to engineer displays for smart labels applications.




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