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Dorigo Systems, MistyWest creating innovation ecosystem for BC’s tech sector

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Dorigo Systems, a Burnaby BC-based electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider has joined with MistyWest, a design engineering firm in Vancouver, to bring together their collective strengths to support British Columbia’s growing high tech sector, which is fueling an industrial base for innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Electronics Manufacturing in Dorigo’s new state-of-the art 105,000 square foot facility. Source: Dorigo Systems

The global pandemic is transforming how consumers embrace and use connected devices, as smart sensors of all types are being used more often to remotely collect data and key indicators making our lives, homes, business and cities smarter while contributing to a healthier planet.

To address this growing demand, Dorigo and MistyWest are collectively working together to bring their specific strengths to efficiently and effectively manufacture IoT devices. Dorigo provides precision quick-turn services for a variety of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA’s) that ensures IoT sensor prototypes are manufactured properly. MistyWest serves as the bridge from idea to assembly line for intelligent and connected devices for both small startups and divisions of Fortune 500 companies.

“Our growing ecosystem of partners makes it easier to bring our customers’ ideas to market,” says Alex Chassels, VP operations, Dorigo Systems. “By partnering with exceptional design firms like MistyWest, we remain agile and responsive to ongoing market changes.”


Source: Dorigo Systems.

MistyWest’s engineers use the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework (Agile for hardware) to take their designs to a higher level while embracing United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Some of their recent projects include a wearable Bluetooth sleep monitoring device, a controller that monitors indoor air quality and a polar bear tracker. Their goal is to make a strong impact in both the community and the environment.

“We combine our deep knowledge of physics, engineering and manufacturing to overcome technical barriers and turn concepts into products, providing full-stack hardware solutions,” says Taylor Cooper, senior electronics engineer at MistyWest. “In our network, Dorigo Systems is recognized as one of the best contract manufacturers in BC, and it is this reputation which has led us to work with Dorigo again and again to manufacture IoT devices. Common errors we’ve experienced with other contract manufacturers, like reversing the polarity on a diode during population, just don’t happen with Dorigo Systems even in lower volume production runs.”

TZOA’s HAVEN Home Monitoring System, Photo Source: TZOA

In August, Dorigo unveiled its new 105,000-square-foot Burnaby state-of-the-art facility, setting new standards for contract manufacturing in North America by using the latest Industry 4.0 connected communications.

Working collaboratively, both firms have brought many innovative solutions to market for BC-based companies including new designs with TZOA for its HAVEN indoor air quality ecosystem. The HAVEN system is driven by air monitoring systems that fit inside central air condition and heating systems.

“As BC enters the phase of digitization and Industry 4.0 we are seeing a blossoming of product technology ideas in BC,” Chassels adds. “Dorigo continues to adopt new technologies and manufacturing processes to enable this ecosystem of innovation and bring the best ideas to market.”


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