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BlackBerry, Facebook resolve patent fight in private deal

January 18, 2021  By The Canadian Press - Broadcast wire, Waterloo ON

BlackBerry says it has resolved its disputes with Facebook, after both companies had taken aim at each other’s patents. In 2018, BlackBerry alleged in California court that Facebook and its WhatsApp and Instagram platforms were infringing on seven of its inventions.

BlackBerry accused Facebook and its subsidiaries of using BlackBerry’s technology in messaging apps, methods for photo-tagging, and a tool that enables use of a device’s contact list while a game is being played, in order to exchange messages and game data. Later that year, Facebook filed a suit of its own over six patents, claiming BlackBerry was infringing on Facebook’s patented voice instant messaging and use of global positioning systems.

Now, a BlackBerry spokeswoman says that BlackBerry and Facebook reached a confidential agreement. BlackBerry’s spokeswoman declined to comment further on the agreement. A spokesman for Facebook Canada also declined to comment.



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