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Toronto firm OPALUX is changing the way tech firm use colour in their products

Source: Opalux

Opalux, a Toronto-based smart materials company, is a market-leading innovator in stimulus-responsive, colour-changing materials and coatings and is now developing its own brand – Chameleonix for the consumer goods market.

Co-founded by the award-winning Dr. Andre Arsenault in 2006, the technologies developed by Opalux grew out of his studies and doctorate thesis at the University of Toronto. Chameleonix provides next level custom aesthetics, as the colour-changing technology features a thin film device that can be applied to most surfaces and is controlled with a tiny electric current that will change the colour from violet to red and anything in between.

Allan Firhoj, Opalux’s CEO, describes the Opalux vision, “We see Chameleonix giving consumers the ability to choose the colour of their product whenever they like, allowing for unprecedented customization. The colour change can also be pre-programmed to respond to environmental changes, notifications, mood, wellness, music the user is listening to, or décor they choose on a given day.”


Chameleonix is extremely thin, less than a millimetre, which allows it to be seamlessly integrated into consumer electronics. It requires only a small amount of power which will not impact battery life, which is critical for these devices. This technology will create new experiences for consumers allowing them to interact with their products in ways they never were able to before.

“Chameleonix is the only product on the market or being developed that has the breadth of colour while using super low power, making it ideal for products on the go,” adds Dr. Arsenault. “The device can be wirelessly controlled to fit into our modern world providing consumers the ability to change the colour of just about anything, with a touch, with an app, with a dial.”



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