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NexOptic joins Arm AI partner program

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A shared vision bringing NexOptic’s differentiated, scalable, and highly optimized imaging AI solutions to multiple global markets and verticals

NexOptic Technology Corp., Vancouver-based innovator in optics and artificial intelligence (AI), announced that it has joined the Arm AI Partner Program, an initiative focused on creating and nurturing strategic alliances that enhance the Arm ecosystem, and simplifies the deployment of Machine Learning (ML) and AI on intelligent endpoint devices by providing best-in-class tools, algorithms and applications to businesses around the globe. 

NexOptic and Arm share a common vision to bring differentiated, scalable, and highly optimized AI software solutions to multiple markets — from cars to smartphones and laptops to IoT edge devices. The companies will closely collaborate as NexOptic continues to expand the available feature sets on its ALIIS (All Light Intelligent Imaging Solutions) AI for imaging.

Significant segments of the consumer and business electronics industries run on Arm-based technology, and the future of edge-based AI, also known as TinyML, is enabled by the architectures and core technology developed by Arm.

Arm delivers remarkable IoT solutions

“With membership in the Arm AI Partner Program, we look forward to exploring what is possible around the integration and functionality of ALIIS,” said Paul McKenzie, CEO of NexOptic Technology Corp. “Arm delivers remarkable IoT solutions to their partners and customers. They continuously drive the industry into what were previously thought to be unreachable territories; we are thrilled to be a part of it.”


Processed in-device in real-time, NexOptic’s patent-pending advanced imaging AI, ALIIS, works on images and video. ALIIS works pixel-by-pixel whereby every single part of the image comes out of the neural network independently and is uniquely perfected. It is easily tuned, for precise ultra-high-resolution images as required in all types of (usual and unusual) lighting conditions.

The result is superior resolution and sharpness, dramatic reductions to image noise and motion-blur, noticeable enhancements to long-range image stabilization by enabling much faster shutter speeds, and significantly reduced file and bandwidth requirements for storage or streaming applications. ALIIS also benefits downstream applications including computational imaging, facial recognition, and object detection, giving it even broader market applicability. While NexOptic and each original equipment manufacturer (OEM) retain control over the choice to license ALIIS, the Arm optimized version of ALIIS will significantly reduce the integration cost to device makers making it easier and faster to implement NexOptic’s state-of-the-art solutions. Many global OEM customers who are partners of Arm require premium imaging enhancement and will have direct access to NexOptic’s industry-leading machine learning imaging solutions optimized for use on Arm platforms.

NVIDIA Corp. announced in September of this year, its intent to acquire Arm from SoftBank for US$40-billion, creating the world’s premier computing company for the Age of AI.


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