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Ynvisible printed intelligent label fights food waste

Digital sensor labels created in collaboration with Innoscentia AB

November 26, 2020  EP&T Magazine

Ynvisible Interactive Inc., a Vancouver-based materials and technology provider in the emerging printed and flexible electronics sector, recently announced that Innoscentia AB has chosen Ynvisible’s displays for its dynamic expiry date labels on food packages. 

Instead of static expiry date estimations on the packages, Innoscentia has developed materials that combine with the Ynvisible display, enabling real-time quality monitoring of the food. This solution aims to reduce food waste significantly and detect spoiled food in time, even before the expiry date.

“We are very pleased to be able to join forces with Ynvisible to fuel the development of our digital sensor labels. After recent breakthroughs with our sensors, we are now ready to take the next step to produce a prototype, and we believe Ynvisible to be the optimal partner for this because of their experience and cutting-edge technology within printed displays and electronics,” says Erik Månsson, CEO of Innoscentia. “The results of the project will hopefully move us a big step closer towards disrupting the current labelling system of food and help us create a more sustainable food value chain in the future.”

Low power consumption

Besides choosing Ynvisible’s display technology, Innoscentia is currently using Ynvisible’s R&D services for the label development, including system design and adapting the sensor for large scale production with printing processes.


“To integrate a display into a label for packaging, three things are crucial: low power consumption, which enables wireless powering, flexibility, which enables a label-like form factor, and low cost, which is a must for integration on packages,” adds Philip Holgersson, business developer of Ynvisible. “From that perspective, no other display technology can compete with ours.”

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