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Thriller novel expounds on CEM/EMS industry

Author is confident those in the electronics industry will easily relate to the business aspects, terminology and drama

January 12, 2020  EP&T Magazine

A thriller novel about the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and contract electronic manufacturing (CEM) industry? Yes, it is a thing – and it would appear to be the first-ever, according to the book’s author Jim Adameit. 

The Atlanta GA-based writer is also a 30+ year veteran of the CEM/EMS industry – a field that can be sometimes controversial, and always extremely competitive.  Adameit has held global positions in project management, sales and marketing, contracts, and manufacturing operations.

“The book serves as a primer on an industry that most people don’t know exist…a cautionary tale for those people who do,” says Adameit.

Relatable to CEM industry

The author says he is confident those in the CEM/EMS industry will easily relate to the business aspects, terminology, and drama – and hopeful that others unfamiliar will find this a fascinating and insightful journey into new world.


This thriller is broader in scope than most, adding many elements of intrigue above and beyond the business environment of the electronics manufacturing industry alone. This lends a fuller flavor to make it a vivid, realistic read for general-interest thriller readers who may harbor minimal interest in the typical business novel, but who will relish the story’s focus on corporate espionage, situational ethics, high-level manipulation – and all within clever, entertaining plot twists…It is highly recommended reading for those seeking something satisfyingly different than so many overdone spy and terrorism novels,” says D. Donovan, senior reviewer, Midwest Book Review.

The novel can be obtained for USD 99-cents at Amazon Kindle E-book, and USD $14.99 for Paperback.

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  1. David Wilburn says:

    Great job with this novel. I was happy I purchased it. While my career has been exclusively in Power Generation, the corporate principles transferred perfectly, meaning I could relate the main character and fascinating developments. I put it on a Kindle and read it straight through on a Saturday. Can’t wait for the next novel from you. John LeCarre style was riveting.

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