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CMC researchers gain access to advanced silicon photonics platforms

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More than 60 universities and colleges can now obtain advanced semiconductor technologies from Global Foundaries

CMC Microsystems has signed an agreement with GlobalFoundaries (GF) that will provide Canadian universities and college researchers access to advanced and specialized silicon photonics platforms. 

GlobalFoundaries (GF), Santa Clara CA, is a leading global specialty foundry, that produces advanced and specialized FinFET, RF SOI, FDX, SiGe, and silicon photonics platforms. Under the agreement, CMC customers will have access to the GF GlobalShuttle Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) program, as well as dedicated prototype and production runs in GF technologies.

“This is a landmark agreement and through it CMC can help Canadian and U.S. researchers to access highly sophisticated microelectronic and photonic design and manufacturing at a fraction of what this would typically cost,” says Gordon Harling, president of CMC. “It will have a lasting impact on the ongoing development of high-technology design in Canada, and it is open to international clients in academia or industry.”

“We are excited to have a new partner with the capabilities of CMC to broaden access to our technologies, and to provide high-level support for prototyping and low-volume production,” adds John Pellerin, chief technologist, platforms at GF.


The cost of designing and fabricating microchips is beyond the means of most researchers. CMC can provide researchers the opportunity to have their designs manufactured in very small batches. CMC can also simplify the interface with the foundry. These capabilities are now greatly enhanced by the new agreement between CMC and GF.

With its MPW program, GF provides global microelectronics researchers with access to some of the most advanced and specialized semiconductor technologies in the world. CMC combines many designs together and shares the costs so that researchers can afford to participate in fabrication runs, take risks, and publish measured and tested results of their designs.

CMC will coordinate the use of GF technologies and services for researchers and help them to ensure their designs are manufacturable for first-pass success. CMC has already announced support for the GlobalShuttle MPW fabrication runs, and several designs are being fabricated on different GF technologies. Many new services will be added in 2020.


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