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Cambrios issued foundational patent in silver nanowire

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Foundational nanowire technology patent issued to University of Washington, licensed exclusively to Cambrios

Cambrios, Sunnyvale CA, a leader in silver nanowire (SNW) technology, and the University of Washington (UW), are announcing the issuance of a foundational patent in the SNW technology space.

SNW is a key driver for touch sensors in foldable consumer electronics and super-large form factor interactive displays. Individual silver nanowires are first grown through chemical synthesis, then formulated into a liquid suspension for coating onto a flexible film to give the film conductive properties while maintaining high transparency. The University of Washington’s pioneering research into synthesis techniques for high-quality, mass-producible nanowires in the early 2000’s, resulted in multiple patent filings.

Mass-production of metal nanowires

The United States Patent Office has issued a patent to University of Washington, U.S. Patent Number 10,384,936, which covers polyol synthesis, a commercially viable method capable of mass-production of metal nanowires and other nanostructures at high yield.


Cambrios is known throughout the industry for its significant patent portfolio and respect for intellectual property, and has been the exclusive licensee of U.S. Patent Number 10,384,936.

“We believe that the ‘936 patent is the strongest, earliest, and most encompassing patent covering the polyol synthesis process for producing silver nanowires and other nanostructures of commercial relevance, and we are pleased to be the exclusive licensee for this groundbreaking invention.  Since the beginning, Cambrios has been defined by its commitment to respecting the intellectual property rights of others. Our long partnership with the University of Washington continues to bear fruit, and there is more to come,” said Dr. Michael Spaid, Chief Technology Officer at Cambrios.”

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