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Positronic joins open compute project as community member

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Positronic, global manufacturer of reliability power and signal connectors, has joined the Open Compute Project (OCP) as a Community Member. Founded in 2011 by Facebook and other members, OCP is a collaborative community focused on redesigning hardware technology to efficiently support the growing demands on compute infrastructure. 

As a leader in customized interconnect solutions, Positronic has been indirectly involved in the OCP project for the last several years. When working with projects like OCP, even a small design change can make a big impact in energy and cost savings, according to Natesh Kannan, global product manager at Positronic. “Providers are always looking to maximize performance in data center architecture, down even to the connector level,” he says.

Collaborate directly with design engineers

Positronic modular power/signal connectors, such the Scorpion, have been popular with data centre power engineers due to its versatility, while becoming a popular choice for major cloud computing industry specifications because of its ability to achieve goals like those of OCP. Joining the OCP as a Community Member allows Positronic to collaborate directly with design engineers on connector solutions that further achieve OCP goals and provide our expertise for the next generation of open source hardware.

“OCP is pushing more services to the cloud, handling more data, and bringing connectivity to the world in a very efficient, economical and sustainable manner,” says Kannan. “Being a member of the OCP Community, Positronic strongly believes that open collaboration is the best way to provide sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions. Positronic is excited about the membership and actively participating in monthly project discussions.”




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