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Laipac Technology launches IoT enabled Smartwatch

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Toronto-based OEM unveils LooK Watch

Toronto-based manufacturer or Internet of Things (IoT) devices has unveiled the Look Watch, hailed as the “first” IoT enabled standalone smartwatch. 

Laipac Technology is an established leader in GPS tracking and location services, it combines Laipac’s Guardian Angel Connect feature and LocationNow IoT platform, with the ability to access internet and make two-way calls without being tethered to a smartphone.

With its advanced suite of features and software, the Look Watch is a solution designed with today’s needs in mind. The device can make and receive phone calls over a cellular connection, it requires a Nano-SIM and activation through the cellular provider of your choice.

Water resistant and IP67 rated, the Look Watch has a high-resolution AMOLED display of 400 x 400 true colors, covered with anti-scratch sapphire glass and touch-screen for ease-of-use.



Some other features include:

Voice Activated: Control the Look Watch’s apps with voice commands for a truly hands-free user experience.

Plenty of memory: 16GB of storage memory and 1GB of RAM, giving you the ability to store hundreds of songs, video clips and photos.

GPS Location Technology: It is fully GPS enabled, the Look Watch’s GPS capabilities are part of the watch’s hardware, Laipac’s award-winning location technology.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled: Wi-Fi extends your battery life, and Bluetooth connections give you the ability to pair with Bluetooth devices and accessories.

SOS button: In case of emergency, one second touch on the SOS button will call pre-set fast dial numbers for voice calls. However, with a longer 3-second press it will call the user’s predefined emergency numbers as well as send an SMS, and deliver GPS location data to LocationNow.com.

Heart rate monitor: Look Watch acts as an enhanced activity tracker, monitoring heart rate, steps traveled, and even showing the exact route taken. The heart rate monitor is helpful for tracking vitals when the user is ill, after an accident, or at any time.

Fall detection: Using G-sensors, the Look Watch generates an alert if a fall is detected. If it’s a false alarm, the user will only need to press the SOS button when prompted to do so, and the alert will not be sent. If the user is unable to cancel the alert, it will be sent to the device of your choosing, along with GPS coordinates and address of where the incident occurred. Upon receiving the fall alert, you can communicate directly with the user to give them reassurance that help is on the way.

Watch removal alert for patient’s use: While enabling this feature, Guardian Angel Connect will send an alert to the device of your choice if the watch is removed from the wrist. You can then initiate voice communication, call it, or physically locate it with LocationNow app.

Geo-fencing option: Customize a virtual fence to let you know when one enters or exits the perimeters you set within the LocationNow platform. Geo fences are easy to set up, and you can create up to 20 geofences to cover multiple locations.

Large Battery Capacity: 460mA Li-Ion polymer battery for 1-2 days depending on the usage



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