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Metcal undergoes rebranding on milestone 35th anniversary

Stephen Law   

Electronics Production / Materials Engineering Supply Chain

With the upcoming introduction of a game-changing technology, new investments in technology and engineering, and a deep product pipeline, Metcal, Cypress CA, announced a revitalization of its brand. 

The Metcal innovation story began 35 years ago in Silicon Valley: the company was a scientific startup creating soldering stations for electronics manufacturing and repair. Since that time, it has become a driving force in the industry, providing leading-edge electronics assembly products to its customers.

“Metcal has a very deep history of delivering innovative technology advancements to the market. Over the past several years, we have increased our investment in research and development to ensure that we continue delivering breakthrough products to the industry,” says Christopher Larocca, president of OK International, which acquired Metcal in 1996. “Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of a revitalized Metcal brand and a key advancement in Metcal’s soldering technology.”

Recent investments in R&D are already paying off


The recent investments in R&D are already paying off, according to Metcal’s chief technology officer, Hoa Nguyen. Metcal has a deep product development pipeline for 2017, including the pending launch of the patented CV-5200 Connection Validation Soldering Station. The unit is capable of evaluating the quality of the solder joint by calculating the intermetallic compound formation and providing real-time, closed loop feedback to the operator.

“Like SmartHeat, Connection Validation sets the stage for a major advancement in machine intelligence,” says Larocca. “It fundamentally mitigates the risk of product failures, imperiled user safety, recalls, and unrecoverable costs—which can result in significant damage to a company and its brand. Manufacturers can now confidently develop faster, more advanced devices, while boosting performance and cost efficiency.”

Metcal provides advanced technology products across hand soldering, convection rework, fume extraction, and fluid dispensing applications. Its products continue to set the standard for performance, reliability, flexibility and ROI.



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