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Sager launches online power supply configurator

December 11, 2016  Stephen Law

Sager Electronics has introduced Artesyn’s Online Power Supply Configurator, which uses a powerful algorithm that factors in dual and triple output modules to guide design engineers to their optimal solution.

Available via Sager.com, the Configurator makes it easier to specify and use configurable power supplies, often eliminating the need for expensive custom solutions.

“With over three million configurable power supply combinations, the Online Power Supply Configurator is an invaluable tool for design engineers,” according to Paul Kopp, Sager’s director of supplier marketing for power. “The tool features a link that connects to Sager’s shopping cart, from which we can provide up to 10 prototype pieces in as little as five days out of our Carrollton, Texas Power Solutions Center. We’re excited to offer this valuable design toolset to our power supply customers.”


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