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Quebec-based firms Sysacom and Cysca merge

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Sysacom R&D Plus Inc., Repentigny QC, a leader in software development and analog and digital electronic circuit design, has announced its plans to merge with Montreal-based engineering and software consultants, Cysca.


The combined concern, Cysca-Sysacom, now includes 50 engineers and technicians providing engineering and design services in electronics, systems and software. Cysca specializes in software development and Sysacom in the development of electronic products and systems; the merger combines those skill sets, creating a new center of excellence in development of high technology systems, according to Denis Lachapelle, vice-president of Cysca-Sysacom (former president of Sysacom).

Merger creates a new center of excellence in high tech development


“In this new structure, we now offer a wide range of services such as engineering, system architecture, project management, electronic circuit design, printed circuit boards layout, simulations, signal processing, development of embedded software, development of FPGA, prototyping, application development in control, cloud platforms, mobile applications and technological update, to name some,” Lachapelle says.

Experienced engineers François Lamarre and Lachapelle will both act as vice-presidents.

“By combining the skills and experiences of our respective staff, our organization can better fulfill customer mandates in electronic hardware, embedded software and software application integration,” adds Cysca-Sysacom president Yves Tremblay.


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