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Avnet to launch MakerSource.io directory

Stephen Law   

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Avnet Inc. a leading global technology distributor, has launched a new MakerSource.io online resource directory, providing individuals and startups with access to a comprehensive ecosystem of the strategic and tactical resources needed to turn a pioneering new product vision into a marketable reality.

More than a static directory, MakerSource provides a vibrant community for idea exchange, networking and thought leadership. MakerSource provides innovators, service providers, technical experts and other stakeholders with a central place to seek as well as offer all the support required at each stage of the product lifecycle, including funding, engineering, traditional and additive manufacturing, marketing, supply chain management and even website development.

A vibrant community for idea exchange, networking and thought leadership

“Every day, we at Avnet work with companies big and small to help design, build and ship new technology products all over the world. We see how challenging it can be for even the most established organizations to successfully bring new products to market. These obstacles can be daunting for makers or even accomplished entrepreneurs,” says Dayna Badhorn, vice-president, strategic global planning, Avnet Electronics Marketing. “With MakerSource, our goal is to leverage Avnet’s unique position in the middle of the technology supply chain and the wealth of experience and connections we have amassed to help guide these individuals who have amazing vision and creative drive, but may lack the resources or business experience necessary to bring those ideas to life.”


“Having been a part of several technology startups, I understand how exciting it is to build something out of nothing, but I also know how costly and frustrating the process can be,” says Adam Benzion, co-founder and CEO, Hackster.io. “A comprehensive resource like MakerSource.io can not only save makers and technology startups a great deal of time, but also mitigate many of the risks that can quickly derail a new product development effort.”



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