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Vandrico issues industrial wearables hardware challenge

Stephen Law   

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In an attempt to get industrial wearable device manufacturers to accelerate the Industrial IoT revolution through collaboration, Vandrico Inc., a Vancouver based enterprise wearables software company, has launched a hardware challenge aimed at the engineering community.

Vandrico is in the business of developing enterprise software that makes data a sixth sense. The firm does this by gathering data and translating it into personalized, actionable insights for improved safety and productivity. Currently, there is a shortage of suitable industrial wearable devices on the market for use in IoT applications, according to Paola Telfer, chief commercial officer at Vandrico.

“Our wearable database tallies only 39 industrial devices. Of these, Vandrico has deemed only a handful suitable for our industrial clients’ working environments,” Telfer says.

Vandrico is looking to collaborate with hardware manufacturers to accelerate the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) revolution, making the future for enterprises smarter, safer, and more connected.


The challenge – if you have an industrial wearable that you believe can pass a one-week durability test in an underground mine this September, Vandrico wants to hear from you!


* Be the chosen hardware manufacturer for a full underground mining deployment of 1000+ units, in Q1 2017.

* Be featured on Vandrico’s wearables database.

* Receive in-field, enterprise user experience (UX) feedback.

Required Functionality:

* Stand-alone wireless connectivity which doesn’t rely on tethering via Bluetooth to a smartphone. (Either Wi-Fi or Cellular depending on environment).

* An interface to communicate medium-fidelity information.

* A method for the user to respond, which can be operated in all industrial environments. (e.g. robust tactile buttons or rotary switches).

* Means to attract the user’s attention in loud industrial environments. (A combination of vibrators, speakers and light is the best we have found to date).

* The device’s operating system must be flexible and completely open to customization.

* The device must be sufficiently durable and waterproof (IP67).


* Must have prototype available for underground testing by September, 2016.

* Applications are open until August 30, 2016.

* Finalists will be selected on September 6, 2016.

For more information or to register for the hardware challenge go to:



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