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Information Assurance Specialists & Connect Tech partner on IP router

Stephen Law   

Embedded Systems Engineering router

Information Assurance Specialists, Inc. (IAS) and Connect Tech, Inc. (CTI) are pleased to announce the joint development of a VPX 3U backplane based (VITA 65 compliant) enterprise class router offering called the IAS Router Graphite.  The new product will feature IAS’s enterprise class router firmware running on CTI’s new Graphite VPX module. The creation of this new product will provide the market with a superior performance, highly rugged, enterprise class Internet Protocol (IP) based router solution for use in commercial, government, and defense applications.


“We are very excited about this opportunity to further our partnership with Connect Tech in developing a VPX based IP router offering that possesses the same level of robustness, quality, and functionality that comes with our traditional form factor IAS Routers,” said IAS President, Keir Tomasso.

The new IP router offering will feature the Connect Tech Graphite VPX module, which is developed around the low power Intel Atom E3845 Quad Core Processor, and features performance that rivals traditional large, power hungry, enterprise rack mount appliances from commercial vendors as a result of Intel’s on processor cryptographic acceleration. This VITA 65 compliant 3U module not only meets customers’ requirements for ruggedization and power consumption, but also exceeds the IP networking performance of comparable products in the market today.


“IAS routers are already trusted and used by the US, Canadian, and New Zealand governments and military organizations because of their reliability and security, and this router will be no different,” said Michele Kasza, Connect Tech’s Vice President of Sales. “We are proud of our strategic partnership with IAS, and this latest product that has resulted from this partnership.” The new IAS Router Graphite VPX module will provide the most secure, enterprise level of production, making it capable of meeting the strictest information assurance requirements. IAS Routers have achieved NIAP Common Criteria Network Device and VPN Gateway EP certification, FIPS 140-2 cryptographic algorithm certification, and have been placed on the National Security Agency’s (NSA) Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Component List.


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