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Teledyne LeCroy to acquire Quantum Data

Stephen Law   

Test & Measurement Engineering

Plans to expand protocol solutions offerings into video protocols including HDMI and SDI

Teledyne LeCroy Inc., Santa Clara CA, has entered into an agreement to acquire Quantum Data Inc., a market leader in HDMI and SDI signal generators and protocol analyzers, as well as test tools for other digital video technologies.

Teledyne LeCroy is a market leader in protocol test tools for well known serial data standards like USB, PCI Express, SAS, and SATA. The firm’s strategy is to continue to expand its protocol offerings into additional wired and wireless data communication standards with the goal to be the market leader in each protocol standard.

Teledyne LeCroy expects that acquiring Quantum Data will enable it to:

* Broaden its offering of Serial Data Protocol Analysis and Test Tools.


* Capitalize on growing customer demand for HDMI video generators and test tools.

* Further penetrate the video broadcast market for emerging serial data test requirements.

* Build on the recent acquisition of Frontline Test Equipment, a leader in wireless protocol test, bolstering recognition of Teledyne LeCroy as the leader in protocol test solutions.

Teledyne LeCroy’s CEO Tom Reslewic said, “The Quantum Data acquisition will allow Teledyne LeCroy to expand its protocol test portfolio into important video technologies like HDMI and SDI. These standards are key to emerging capabilities in consumer electronics, professional video and studio/broadcast applications. We anticipate a growing need for protocol test tools among designers in these markets.”

Quantum Data CEO Allen Jorgensen added, “The opportunity to leverage Teledyne LeCroy’s Ethernet protocol analyzers into emerging broadcast applications could provide Quantum Data a key advantage in the market.”

The acquisition of Quantum Data will support Teledyne LeCroy’s vision of becoming the leading brand for protocol test, with competencies that will enable the company to benefit from emerging industry trends requiring faster serial data connections in an expanding array of applications.


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