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Sandvine receives $4 million software order


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Sandvine, a provider of intelligent broadband network solutions for fixed and mobile operators, has announced that it has received a software license expansion order for more than $4 million covering its deployments in the mobile properties of a major multi-national operator group in the Caribbean and Latin America region.

The order reflects growth in the customers’ deployments of Sandvine’s Network Analytics, Traffic Management and Usage Management solutions.

Respectively, these solutions give the operator group insight into network traffic and the subscriber experience, helps the group efficiently manage traffic to optimize network efficiency and subscribers’ quality of experience, and lets the operator group quickly deploy new service tiers that meet the changing needs of subscribers.

“This customer demonstrates the power of Sandvine’s products. We are truly a single platform that enables our customers to create an intelligent broadband network that offers opportunities for higher revenues, lower capital and operating costs, and greater subscriber satisfaction,” said Tom Donnelly, Sandvine’s COO, Sales and Global Services.



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