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Mouser signs disty deals with Micronas, Versarien

Stephen Law   

Circuit Protection Supply Chain

Mouser Electronics Inc. has signed a global distribution agreement with Micronas, a supplier of intelligent, sensor-based system solutions for automotive and industrial applications.

The Micronas product line a broad range of Hall-effect sensors based on the firm’s CMOS technology. The HAL 37xy family of programmable Hall-effect sensors, based on Micronas’ advanced 3D HAL topology, provides system solutions for linear movement and rotary position measurements and non-contact potentiometer functions in automotive and industrial applications. Due to their excellent performance and reduced angular error, the HAL 37xy sensors are ideal for clutch position detection in gearboxes or exhaust gas recirculation systems and turbo charger actuators in ride-height applications.

The HAL 5xy family consists of multipurpose, CMOS-based Hall switches that provide end-position detection, RPM measurements in flow meters, and brushless DC (BLDC) motor control. HAL 5xy switches are available in bipolar, unipolar, and latching behaviors.

Mouser has also recently signed an exclusive global distribution deal with UK-based Versarien Technologies, suppliers of next generation thermal management solutions.


Mouser will forthwith stock Versarien’s LPH00xx series of low-profile metallic foam heatsinks. Targeted at passive cooling in space-constrained electronic systems, where pcbs are packed with a multitude of semiconductor components, these heatsinks are based on the VersarienCu micro-porous copper material. This maximizes the available surface area for heat dissipation through its homogenously dispersed interconnected pores, as well as exploiting the superior thermal conductivity properties of copper. As a consequence, for a given thermal management task, the heatsink’s height can be reduced significantly in comparison to competing solutions.


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