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Mini Maker Faire arrives in Toronto this weekend

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Toronto Mini Maker Faire 2014, the biggest Maker Faire the city has ever seen, welcomes 10,000 innovators, artists, hackers and entrepreneurs — adults and kids alike — at Toronto Reference Library this weekend. More than 100 best Toronto makers will display their arts and science creations, from 3D Printed Live Laser Tag, Twitter Typewriter, Coffee Printer to Light-Up Playground, on November 22-23 at Toronto Reference Library, at 789 Yonge Street (Yonge and Bloor).

Toronto Mini Maker Faire is a free showcase of creativity, hardware innovation, science, hacking and DIY culture, with extra programming designed specifically for families, and supported by Toronto Reference Library.

“We are supporting Maker Faire because it is an event that dares you to create and explore the world around you. Every visit to Maker Faire has left me in awe at the ingenuity surrounding me. I view it as the fire that drives our entrepreneurial passion” says Leila Boujnane, CEO of TinEye.

“Toronto Public Library is delighted to host the Toronto Mini Maker Faire. The library has a strong tradition of supporting our city’s vibrant community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and artists. We look forward to showcasing makers and their creations in a unique and inventive event at the Toronto Reference Library this weekend,” says Linda Mackenzie, director of research and reference libraries.


“Events like this promote the connections between skills and knowledge in Canada. Participants acquire new skills like soldering and robotics through hands-on engagement and experiential learning. These interdisciplinary skills are part of the innovation toolkit that is vital to Canadian industry. That’s why we teach them at George Brown College and why we’re very happy to once again support the Toronto Mini Maker Faire,” says Robert Luke, VP of research & innovation, George Brown College.

Seven reasons to attend Toronto Mini Maker Faire

1. Print it with coffee! RIT – Coffee Drip Printer prints with coffee, wine and ink.

2. 3D-Printed Live Laser Tag game with Battlegrounds, with 3D printed laser guns and Arduino-powered gear.

3. The Glowatorium, a dark room with LED-lit pop-up playground and installations that respond to your presence by changing shape and colour.

4. Twitter Typewriter turns modern technology and social media on its head. You tweet, it types.

5. Ever wanted to build a rocket, or launch one? Kids launch rockets with MakerKids and race boats right in the Library!

6. Learn to solder with Snowbot, 3D print your heart out and laser cut all the things at Toronto Maker Faire workshops!

7. Sound through body movement with SoMo, a small wearable device with sensors that lets people use their bodies to create sound.

Supported by Toronto Public Library, as well as SAP, George Brown Research & Innovation, Enterprise Toronto, TinEye, Bridgeable, Epilog Laser, Maker Kids, Globe & Mail, Structur3D Printing, Normative Design, Verold, Redetec, Syscomp Design, Structur3D Printing, Icewire Makerspace, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), and our entire maker community, Toronto Mini Maker Faire is a major event in Toronto’s tech and innovation fall calendar. Over 60 cities around the world host Maker Faires of their own, including Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Waterloo, Ottawa and Montreal.


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