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Global pcb production declines in 2013

October 7, 2014  EP&T Magazine

The world market for printed circuit boards (pcbs) declined an estimated 2.2% in real terms in 2013, although real growth in North America was positive at 0.8%, according to IPC’s World PCB Production Report.

Developed by a team of the world’s leading pcb industry analysts, the annual study outlines pcb production data, indicating what kinds of pcbs are being made where. World pcb production in 2013 was valued at an estimated USD$59.4-billion. The IPC report contains estimates of 2013 pcb production value by 10 product categories and by 31 countries or sub-regions.

Report data shows that the worldwide flexible circuit market grew in 2013, while the rigid pcb market declined. Regional trends are also examined, including China’s slowing production growth and Japan’s fall from second place in the list of top 10 pcb-producing countries to fourth place. Thailand and Vietnam experienced the highest growth in pcb production.

“Despite evidence of a small on-shoring trend in North America and Europe, most large companies still produce a substantial share of their pcbs off-shore,” says Sharon Starr, IPC director of market research. The report shows that companies based in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, for example, are responsible for nearly two-thirds of world pcb production. U.S. companies account for about 10 percent of world pcb production, although the United States has less than a 5% share of world production within its borders.


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